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Providing both internal and external high-temperature engine coatings, Coating King brings the advantages and benefits of aerospace coating technology to local automotive, marine and aviation enthusiasts — our premium-quality coating solutions are ideal for all custom and high-performance cars, bikes, boats and planes.

Coating King was established in Cardiff (Newcastle) to provide local automotive, marine and aviation customers with high-performance engine coating solutions. Prior to our establishment, there wasn’t a specialist engine coating provider in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley or anywhere on the NSW Mid North Coast — Coating King has successfully filled the gap in the local market, and our experienced and passionate team members have worked hard to achieve an outstanding reputation for the engine coating solutions we offer.

Constant development by our industry-leading suppliers makes sure that we have the latest and best materials available for our local customers, enabling us to stay at the forefront of coatings available both locally and worldwide. Depending on the resin system, we can supply exhaust coatings that can handle base metal temperatures in excess of 2000°F.

The Coating King team are passionate auto enthusiasts who love what we do. We work closely with local car and bike lovers, with many local tow vehicles, street cars, motorcycles and drag racing vehicles all using and testing our coatings on a regular basis. At Coating King, we don’t only provide high-performance coating services for local customers, we all use our own coating products and can say with 100% confidence that our products work!

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