1. Will applying ceramic coating to my headers extend their lifespan?

Yes, as ceramic coating is corrosion inhibitor it greatly extends the lifespan of headers and all components. When we coat headers, we always coat both the interior and exterior of the pipes to ensure you get the full benefits that ceramic coating provides.

2. Will ceramic coating headers keep the heat down and increase horsepower?

Yes, ceramic coating reduces heat and will increase horsepower as a result of this. By keeping under-hood heat low and maintaining heat within the headers, this increases exhaust velocity, reducing back pressure and fuel contamination due to reversion, which increases horsepower. Depending on the coating applied, under-hood temperatures can be decreased by as much as 200 degrees. Satin Black is the most efficient coating we use.

3. Can Ceramakrome coating be cleaned?

Yes, the polished finish of Ceramakrome can easily be polished with a non-abrasive liquid aluminium polish and a soft cloth. It’s easy to keep Ceramakrome-coated components and parts looking great.

4. I’m restoring a car to its original state. Do you have a coating suitable for rusty old cast iron manifolds?

Yes. We offer car restoration enthusiasts a cast-iron-look ceramic coating which gives cast manifolds an original look. A range of other options are also available.

5. I can buy DIY coatings to apply at home. Why should I have Coating King do mine?

The professional coatings we use at Coating King are significantly higher quality than the DIY products found in stores. What’s more, coating an engine isn’t just a matter of buying a kit and applying it — it takes experience and skill to apply an engine coating professionally.

Coating King has outlaid a great deal of money to ensure we have the best equipment to apply our coatings, including ovens in which we bake parts to be coated both before and after coating at extremely high temperatures. We’ve also invested in blasting cabinets and blasting media to give parts the correct profile and ensure the coating will fully adhere.

Additionally, we also have industry-leading equipment to apply our coatings, a computerised vibratory polisher to polish the Ceramakrome finish and all team members have undergone professional training. Basically, applying ceramic coatings requires professional equipment and professional — Coating King has both.

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