Thermal Barrier Coatings

When applied to an engine component, thermal barrier coatings act as a shield which prevents heat from passing into the coated part, reducing combustion heat, improving performance and minimising component wear and tear. At Coating King in Newcastle, we professionally apply high-performance, high-temperature thermal barrier coatings to a range of parts and components, including piston tops, combustion chambers, exhaust valves, intake valves, exhaust manifolds and headers, and turbo housings and manifolds.

Thermal barrier coating benefits

Applying a thermal barrier coating to exhaust components is one of the most popular applications as it provides two big benefits — reduced under-hood temperatures and increased engine power. This is made possible by enabling the exhaust to handle high temperatures, as the hotter the exhaust, the higher the exhaust gas velocity which improves turbo performance.

Many car owners also have thermal barrier coating applied to their vehicle’s piston domes to prevent combustion heat loss which causes the piston to expand and increases the likelihood of piston damage. When the piston dome is coated with a thermal barrier, minimal expansion occurs at high temperatures, resulting in a tighter piston-to-wall clearance.

Whatever your engine and exhaust performance goals, Coating King has the thermal barrier coating solution you’re looking for and can advise you on the solutions we provide. Our aerospace-quality ceramic coating products undergo a meticulous testing process to ensure they deliver industry-leading benefits and we’re so confident in the quality of our products we use them on our own cars and bikes! To speak with a Coating King team member, call (02) 4956 7055.

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