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Providing both internal and external high-performance engine coatings, Coating King brings the advantages of aerospace coating technology to local automotive enthusiasts.
The specialist engine and component coatings we offer at Coating King fall into one of five broad categories: anti-friction lubricants, thermal barrier coatings, thermal dispersants, oil shedding coatings and corrosion resistant coatings. Whether it’s for a custom car, hot rod, racing bike, aeroplane or boat, Coating King has your engine coating needs covered.

Coating Services

Once only accessible to aerospace and military organisations, high-temperature engine coatings are now available for both serious engine applications and engine bay aesthetics.

Anti Friction Coatings

Anti-friction coatings (solid film or dry film lubricants) are designed to reduce friction and can be applied to piston skirts, engine bearings, camshafts, lifters and other parts.

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Applied to piston tops, exhausts and other components, thermal barrier coatings reduce heat migration by reflecting heat instead of absorbing it, and can increase engine power.

Thermal Dispersant Coatings

Thermal barrier coatings rapidly disperse heat away from coated parts and are ideal for intake manifolds, oil pans, intake pipes and intercoolers for turbo applications.

Oil Shedding Coatings

Oil shedding coatings help improve windage and oil return from reciprocating engine parts, improving engine lubrication, lowering oil temperature and increasing horsepower.

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

High-quality corrosion resistant coatings greatly increase the lifespan of parts and can increase horsepower. Our Ceramakrome MCX passes the 6500-hour salt spray test.

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