oil shedding coating

Oil Shedding Coatings

By providing a slick, non-porous surface, oil shedding coatings deliver a range of advantages and benefits including improved oil return, better windage, enhanced engine lubrication, increased horsepower and lower oil temperature. Additionally, high-temperature oil shedding coatings prevent hot oil from clinging to stationary surfaces which further reduces radiator heat, promotes faster oil drainage and delivers an overall better performance.

Coating King in Newcastle offers high-performance oil shedding coating solutions for auto, marine and aviation applications using industry-leading products which have undergone the most rigorous testing to ensure they’re up for the task. Our experienced and trained coating specialists apply oil shedding coating to the undersides of pistons, con-rods, crankshafts, oil pans and rocker cover interiors, and any component that needs enhanced oil return.

Why Coating King?

Coating King was established to fill a gap in the local market for high-performance engine coatings. Providing coating solutions for car, motorbike, marine and aviation applications, we offer a range of premium-quality, high-heat coating products as well as expert advice to ensure you get the right solution for your needs. We welcome all enquiries about our products, so drop by our Cardiff workshop or call Coating King on (02) 4956 7055.

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