thermal Dispersant

Thermal Dispersant Coatings

High-heat thermal dispersant coatings help to transfer heat at a faster rate than a bare metal surface and can be applied to most engine components, including turbo components, to increase the coated component’s ability to both withstand and radiate heat. As these high-heat coatings provide more even heat distribution, they assist in minimising metal expansion and fatigue, and help to prevent catastrophic component failures.

The right thermal dispersant protects components and provides a better performance. For example, when applied to exhaust manifolds, valves and other exhaust components, the high-temp thermal dispersant coating delivers reduced under-hood temperatures, longer system lifespan and accelerated exhaust gas velocity for improved performance.

Premium-quality thermal dispersant coating solutions

At Coating King in Newcastle, we use only aerospace-quality, high-temperature thermal dispersant coating products from the top suppliers in the industry which are rigorously tested in extreme environments to ensure they deliver the best coating solutions on the market. Our ceramic engine coating experts are experienced with all applications and use our coatings on our own cars and bikes. We’re always happy to advise you on your specific requirements, so visit us at our Cardiff workshop or call us on (02) 4956 7055.

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